Debt. Pays gaps. Self-worth. Gender Equality.

How your money history and habits affect your life and career choices and what you can do to change it all around.


Learn how your debt negatively impacts your life and career choices

Pay gaps

Discover the pay gaps both at work and at home.


Find out how your money is tied to your self-worth.

Career choices

Discover the real impact your money stories has on your career.

Outside influences

Learn how society and family have shaped your money stories.

Financial education

Uncover why financial education is a must for women today.

The BBC gender pay gap has sparked the biggest conversation in years about women and pay gaps.

 As the focus turns to what the BBC (and other firms) are going to do about it, there is still one area that remains unexplored. As a woman what YOU can do about it.

Now this isn’t about blaming you, or telling you to ‘just learn how to negotiate better’ or ‘just speak up and act more assertive (i.e. like men)’. This is about addressing a deep-rooted problem you have towards money.

  • Secretly you hate it. 
  • Actually you want it.
  • You fear it.
  • It controls you.
  • You don’t have enough of it.

This swirling mass of strong, unconscious contradictory feelings has grown and evolved with you from childhood to now and has (without you realizing it) affected all of your life and work choices. The pay gap is just one of them.

Have you ever experienced the following?

  • Seen jobs that you know you could do with a high salary but panicked at the thought of earning that money?
  • Convinced yourself not to apply for a promotion?
  • Not asked for a pay rise even though you knew you deserved it?
  • Accepted a low pay rise because you felt uncomfortable asking for more?
  • Accepted the first salary offer at a job interview?

If you have then you are not alone! Thousands of people have a block when it comes to money and self-worth. Money is such an emotive subject! We tie ourselves up in knots around it and deny ourselves what we could earn because of fear, self-loathing and judgement.

I’m Michelle Gyimah, a money empowerment educator who has for the past 5 years been on a personal (and sometimes painful!) exploratory journey around women and money.


In that time, I’ve left a very secure (and well paid) job, had a baby, started a business, worked in a job way beneath my skillset and faced up to my debt.

During this time, I’ve encountered the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and have come face to face with ALL of my money issues. I won’t lie, there were times when it was ugly and I thought I’d never make good money again or ever pay off my debts.

But I’m still here, working through them and I want to share my best tips, tricks and learnings on all the money blocks that no-one really talks about. Why? Because this stuff is not taught in school, college or university let alone talked about much and I think that is so wrong.

Together we will uncover the stories that you tell yourself about money, highlight your regular sabotaging money habits and help you create new positive attitudes towards your money choices in your life and career.

My clients are people who want to:

  • Feel confident when having money conversations with new or existing bosses
  • Regain control of their money mindset and actions
  • Increase their self-worth and improve how they view themselves
  • Boldly embrace their talents and make better decisions for themselves

So how can we work together?

Well, for those of you just starting to explore your money issues you can access 3 online workshops on the top issues that my clients face.

These regular online workshops are designed for busy people who want to know how to get out of their money rut and make better financial decisions for themselves.


These first workshops focus on the most pressing issues my clients struggle with:


  • How our money lies leads us to debt
  • How debt affects your career choices
  • The gender pay gap - how your money lies feed this
  • 7 ways you turn money ways every day


More information on dates coming soon.